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Delivering justice: website redesign for Aviv Eilon & Co


Aviv Eilon & Co is an international boutique law firm providing legal services to primarily Israeli and US clients.

The company stands out from other law firms by offering a quick service while retaining the same high-quality standards.


To redesign the firm's outdated website, highlight its USP, and build an image of a dependable, modern, and stately but affordable law firm. Since the client has many regular clients, they asked us to retain the same color palette to create a sense of familiarity for its existing clients.

Another request from the client was that the website be written and easily readable in English and Hebrew languages. This had to be factored into the overall design early since Hebrew is written right to left.


This redesign was reasonably straightforwad, with several goals that needed to be carefully considered before starting the creative design process.

Old website design
Old website design
new website design

Many of the world's legal systems can trace their origins back to ancient Rome. We used images conveying a classical architecture style on the site's main pages to hint at these foundations.

One image with classical pillars in a bosc pear color theme served as a metaphor for the reliable and supportive role Aviv Eilon & Co. offer their clients. The color choice considerably strengthened this image.


Step 01

Step 02

Step 03


The company's key advantage is a quick response and resolution time. To highlight this, we made contacting the company as simple as possible with easy-to-find sections and no popups or exit intent boxes getting in the way of navigation.


The old website used two different typefaces, one for English and one for Hebrew. We chose a classic "Roman-style" serif typeface for the headers and introduced a modern sans serif typeface, "Ploni," for the body text, which works well in both languages.

With its minimalist design, moderate colors that compliment the images perfectly and a neat job with typography, the website is now a fine example of a modern website.


We scrutinized the smallest aspects to emphasize the type of attention to detail the law firm affords its clients. The overall ambiance of the website now projects a feeling of luxury, reliability and strength.

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