Knowing which things make you and your partner feel loved and\or appreciated the most can be helpful for any kind of relationship: love, friendship, workplace. Can it help brands communicate with their audience better? I think yes!

Here are 5 love languages according to the famous book by Gary Chapman :

1 – Words of affirmation
2 – Acts of service
3 – Receiving gifts
4 – Physical touch
5 – Quality time

Let’s take a look at how brands can use the 5 love languages theory to win over the hearts and loyalty of their customers.


Talk to your audience with consideration for their needs and feelings:

  • don’t ghost them! Keep communication going and post regularly, keep updating your website, launch campaigns, follow up emails, etc
  • reply quickly, don’t leave your clients hanging if they reached out to you
  • listen to their concerns, remind them they matter, and implement changes and services when possible
  • thank them for their actions, purchases, and questions
  • give them interesting topics and cool reasons to start communication. For example, create engaging content in social media or give them discounts as a thank you for treating your couriers with hot tea in cold weather


Acts of service

Words are good enough for some people, but actions speak louder for most of us.

  • If you say you are worried about the planet, then start recycling in the office and use eco-friendly packaging for your products.
  • Instead of hanging a poster WE CARE, better help your customers carry their purchases to the car.Article-05-01


  • Don’t just post cat memes on your social media, declare your restaurant pet friendly and put some water bowls and treats for them at your locations.
  • If you are passionate about COVID front line workers, donate part of the company income to help medical centers and set up a vaccination spot at your business.
  • Don’t use the cliche phrase WE ARE MORE THAN JUST A… to show you offer more – do more! Present your clients with additional services that will make their life easier (gift wrapping, convenient delivery time, easy-to-use application, message reminders for clients to come for next procedures, etc)



Don’t forget important dates like birthdays, new year, and anniversaries (the date your client registered on the website or made their first purchase).

For people who speak the love language of gifts it’s important to receive them with no specific reason from time to time. A little dessert in a restaurant, a tester of your products, a promo code to thank them for using your app, referral programs, or an option to reduce the delivery price by getting company merchandise.

Personalize gifts:

“We know you’re a vegan so here’s a vegan item from our menu to try.”

“We know you like eye shadows, so here’s a new brush for you as a gift.”


If this is not an option for you, get creative! For example, create personalized merchandise or a handwritten letter.



Physical touch

Ok, this one is not super transferrable to brands, let’s be honest:) Physical touch is not realistic for lots of companies and is not always appropriate. But, the more types of senses you can implement in the customer experience – the better. That way you reach your clients from all angles and have a higher chance of reaching their hearts. Every company has to choose its own way to do it, but beauty salons and movie theaters are both great examples in my opinion.



Online businesses try to implement all of it through their content.
Perfume and beauty brands use imaginative photos and videos to convey the feeling and smell of their products.




Another cool example is Tres Commas: they are experts in sales with a network of call centers all over the world. Their business is 100 percent online, so potential clients can’t really experience the Wall Street feel of their offices. SAPHIRA agency is working on company social media and we implemented the classy and goal-oriented vibe through original cool animation.




Quality time

What makes a brand’s longevity and permanency is how they are able to become an integral part of the customer’s life. In order to get there, a company should work towards first being in peoples’ minds, to align themselves with the obvious and irrefutable answer to someone’s need.

A brand can “spend quality time” with the customer while they are using the product…

“Here’s an easy-to-follow recipe on how to make a pie with our brand jam as the main ingredient. You are spending quality time as a family and involving your kind into cooking, while the jam is on the table all the time”

…and even the moments they are not using the product itself. It can be something totally unrelated but in line with the brands’ vibe and values.

“We’ve built a huge indoor ice ring with New York atmosphere for you to feel like you’re in one of those Hollywood Christmas movies, enjoy”
“We’ve organized huge extreme sports competition event for all you bold and brave people”




Can’t buy me love

Some of us have one of those love languages as the main one, but for most people, it’s a combination of a few. For example, here is mine:



So tell your clients how you feel in all ways possible and be honest while doing so. That’s how you’ll increase your chances for a mutual feeling.


P.S. I love you

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