Before You Spend More on Advertising Your Website, Do This

The advantages of custom website design


Is your website having problems attracting new customers? Or do your statistics show large numbers of visitors but few conversions? Before you hit the spend more money now button on your advertising budget, let’s take a step back to see the situation from a different point of view.

The problem might not be with the marketing and advertising plan. It might be because the website design lacks originality and a defined presence. With hundreds of thousands of templates sold over and over again to website owners, it’s not surprising that so many websites look alike.

Yes, standard templates sold by WordPress, Wix and other website service providers are useful and low budget, but a lack of customization and originality can actually damage a brand because there is no differentiation from millions of other websites. In the final analysis, it can cost more to cut corners on website design.

Why spend a lot of money on creating a beautiful logo if it fades into the background because the website looks like every other site out there? Why spend a big advertising budget to stay front of mind only to lose the target market’s interest because the website doesn’t stand out from the competitors?

The risk is that a lot of money is invested in marketing and advertising, but when visitors reach the website, there’s nothing to keep them there. First impressions are 94 percent design related and nearly 70 percent of consumers prefer authenticity.

What is custom website design?


A design agency builds custom websites from the ground up. Part of this process is careful consideration of the brand’s presence, style, colors and how best to communicate each unique selling point(USP). SAPHIRA web design agency treats each client as an individual with their own history, meaning, values, messaging and presence.

Why choose our website design agency? Let’s show instead of telling.

Custom website design case study

One of SAPHIRA’s website clients requested a redesign that would be a closer fit to their brand values and their profession as a legal services firm. Their original website was missing these key elements:

  • Brand colors and design expertise
  • Eye-catching elements
  • Visual cues to enhance an emotional connection
  • Beautiful design combined with intuitive navigation
  • Branding know-how

Frame 466

As you can see, the new homepage custom designed by SAPHIRA’s web design service is eye-catching, different and speaks volumes in visual language about our client’s impressiveness and expertise.

Custom design that works across devices and social media

SAPHIRA is not just a web design company, we’re a full-spectrum creative marketing agency. As much as people like something different, they also like to feel they know the brand, that it won’t look different on Facebook versus Instagram. Familiarity builds trust and trust converts visitors into new customers.

Another of our clients, Tres Commas, is an international sales outsourcing company which requested a new website and full branding package. Working with our creative design studio and website development team, we created an identity and website that would maintain brand consistency across all devices and social media.

From their website to their social media pages, Tres Commas’ brand appears seamless across all devices. This familiarity is comforting to their website visitors, who feel they are still in the same environment, whether it’s Tres Commas’ website or their Facebook page.

colors 1

Deliberate and designed brand consistency avoids a patchy, jarring online presence that may end up confusing potential customers instead of convincing them the company is trustworthy.

And it all comes down to a single factor: custom business website design with all the planning carried out by SAPHIRA’s expert creative team.

But how long does website design & development take, and is it expensive to order a custom website design? These are the questions we at SAPHIRA Agency see most frequently. The answers: faster than you think, and at a lower cost than you’d expect for a completely customized website and consistent brand identity across all your digital assets.

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