LieSense is a Kyiv-based company offering polygraph testing services to public and private sector clients.

With approximately three lies told during the average ten-minute conversation, HR departments of businesses and organizations require certainty when appointing people to trusted positions. With its highly-trained and experienced team of polygraph examiners, LieSense provides its clients with confidence and reassurance that their staff, assets, and sensitive information are safe and protected.


To visually convey trust for a company that wants to inspire confidence itself. In addition, create a company tagline that speaks to potential clients as well as their candidates and employees. While companies generally favor polygraph testing, employees and candidates for positions tend to resent lie detectors. This was a complex but exciting challenge we were eager to get working on.


After researching the business, we concluded that LieSense's brand position was as follows: "A company aimed at helping businesses ensure a safe and secure atmosphere with the assistance of a polygraph." We needed to convey a message that the company isn't in the business of detecting lies - but rather confirming the honesty of candidates and employees. We built the company's visuals around this concept.

The color palette and shape of the logo were designed to instill a sense of calm in candidates during testing. We identified a direct connection between candidates' anxiety and the number of successfully completed polygraph tests during our research. The more tests that can be successfully completed, the more candidates a client can hire while keeping their costs minimum.


With the pictorial logo mark on the left, we highlighted the letters L and S from LieSense. A strong capital L with a soft S-shaped background. The color scheme includes light and shade, representing the contrast between truth and falsehood. The word section also has a gradient effect for the same reason.


The color palette consists mainly of turquoise, light blue, and navy. These colors were chosen for their cool and calming effect, which we felt would add trust to the brand. Hot colors like red and orange were avoided due to subliminal associations with aggression.


LieSense believes that in the future, polygraph testing will be a common procedure in the hiring process. Why would a company want to waste time and resources thoroughly investigating a candidate when a polygraph can achieve the task in a few hours?




In the future polygraph testing will be
a common procedure in the hiring process

We chose a variant of the Helvetica typeface - a mild italic font with soft angles and curvy lines. Our designers chose this font because it highlights the colors beautifully and promotes an air of peace and relaxation.


After receiving approval for the new brand identity, we turned our attention to the company's communications. We opened accounts on social networks used by the target audience and created a strategy to take the company forward. We create all the brand's content and still manage these accounts today.

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