Building a Brand from Scratch


Founded by three friends, Daniel, Gil, and Yehuda, DGY Investments is a Kyiv-based real estate management and services company. The company helps international private investors to buy, sell and rent real estate in Ukraine, guiding them through unfamiliar procedures, language barriers, and legal practices.

Early in 2021, the company’s founders approached us, explained their business model, and asked how we could help them reach and appeal to property investors from Israel and the UK to Norway, the US, and beyond.

Their idea sounded great and the mission even greater. Here was a chance to help our home city of Kyiv attract international investment and improve the city for the better over the coming years. Challenge accepted, let’s get down to business.


With little more to go on other than the three letters in the company's name, the challenge doesn't get much bigger. Everything would need to be researched, designed, and built from scratch, from developing a strategy and branding to creating a website and social media accounts.

The one uniting factor we took from researching the company's target audience was that most of them have never invested outside of their home country. Potential clients are interested in the greater rewards that await in Kyiv but are wary of the unfamiliar businesses, banking, and ownership laws. Therefore, it was crucial to communicate to potential clients that by using DGY's services, they are in safe and experienced hands.


Once we identified the area where DGY had the most significant advantage over its competition, we sought to take full advantage of this. We discovered the key to gaining a potential client's trust, and as a result, their investment capital was by directly addressing their fears. DGY's competitors demonstrate little empathy, understanding and treat foreign investors as cash cows.

To counter this, DGY should concentrate on alleviating fears by assuring investors their money is safe and not only in the care of experts in Ukrainian tax and law and business processes, but a reliable partner and friendly local who has their security and interests at heart. To convey this, SAPHIRA coined the term "InvestMate" to affirm the type of feeling and relationship DGY want to build with its clients.

Analyzing the real estate market, we discovered that after the financial crisis of 2008, property values in Ukraine increased by an incredible 200%, while in the rest of the world, this figure was between 3-5%. In addition, a steady price increase above the world average is forecast for the foreseeable future. With this in mind, we formulated these key messages:

  • Ukrainian real estate is a more profitable investment than other countries
  • It is better to invest now to achieve higher returns in the future
  • Kyiv is a steadily developing city; new housing is always in demand
  • High rewards in Kyiv outweigh the moderate risks
  • The risk of oversupply is negligible due to aging existing housing



On researching the competition, we noticed their branding colors consisted of mainly brown’s, blue’s and gold gradients. To stand out and convey a message of being modern, fresh and confident, we chose a red hue named “Living Coral” for this task.

In creating the logo, we designed an abstract, geometric shape representing a house to make understanding the business the company is involved in as simple as possible.


To clearly explain to an international audience with varying English language skills, our creative team chose to produce an animated explainer video. Already familiar with the company's objectives, our in-house production team managed to create this video in a very short period.

DGY video

With no existing website for reference, we built DGY a modern, on-brand website from the ground up. We developed an easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate website providing information about the company's founders, services, values, and the advantages of investing in Ukraine over anywhere else. In addition, we also developed an SEO and lead generation strategy for the company to gain as much site traffic as possible.

Social media

Nowadays, it’s essential to reach out to and interact with your audience; therefore, we created on-brand social media accounts with an effective posting strategy to keep DGY interesting and relevant. A complete content plan was devised where photos and videos with promotional and other content are posted twice a week. In addition, we monitor customer engagement and track results to make sure the plan is achieving results as expected.

more facts

A month and a half passed from the moment we approved the script to the final cut. As a result, we made several versions of the video for various social networks and audiences that we haven’t targeted, as they gained organic outreach.

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