DGY video

In the winter of 2021, while creating a brand identity for "DGY Investments," a real estate management and services company, we suggested making a video to creatively communicate their message to clients.

At that time, DGY had no communications strategy. And since the company's clients are primarily international investors, a video is a simple way to explain the business to people from multiple cultures and ethnicities.


With several key messages to convey and not wanting to overwhelm the clients with too much information, we chose animation because of its simplicity, cost effectiveness and that it would be universally understood. The video had to project a welcoming feeling, clearly explain what DGY does for its clients, why investors should use them, and communicate this in a way that is simple to follow and easy to understand.


We chose a flat, 2D animation technique because it provided that friendly, welcoming feel we needed, just like watching cartoons in your childhood. And who doesn’t love cartoons, right? We also designed an origami bird in DGY's brand color (Living Coral) to guide the viewer through the video. The storyline we created was engaging with easy-to-follow visuals and voiced over in English, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic languages since these are spoken by most of the company's target audience.

For the video to be more explanatory and engaging, we incorporated some of Kyiv's iconic landmark buildings and residential complexes throughout the video.

To add some life to the animation, we took the faces of the business’s owners and turned them into illustrated characters. These characters appear near the beginning of the video.

The video voice-over was by one of the company's founders. As a native English and Hebrew speaker, his passion and enthusiasm for the subject shine through, which is why we chose him.


The result is a project that exemplifies the skills and talent of our creative team and their ability to deliver a product that exceeds expectations. Our agency won a silver award in the branded content category for their work on this animation at the NYX Awards in November 2021.

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