SAPHIRA is a web development agency with in-depth experience and a distinct advantage over our competitors. What makes us different? As a full-cycle creative marketing company with over 60 staff regionally and globally, our team works in a vertical infrastructure offering supplemental services to make your website fly to destination success. Not only do we develop website wireframes and site functionality, but we also design the website’s elements, write the content, create brand book tailored for the online environment as well as carry out Search Engine Optimization services and set up our clients’ social media presence in one smooth process.

What does a web development company do?

To start at the beginning, a website development company’s first goal is to thoroughly understand the client’s goals and business because this information is the foundation of their website. Our Account Managers work closely with our clients to gather unique selling points, specific product and service descriptions, and then work on a strategy to build a website that will convert their target audience into customers.

The SAPHIRA creative team uses the initial brief to create a direction for the developers, who quickly interpret the details of the site and transform them into the required programming language. Our developers are experienced in customizing Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and building a wireframe which includes:

  • The website’s pages and menus
  • Account creation functionality
  • Forms and content blocks
  • Overall navigation
  • Buttons
  • Responsiveness

The list above is a short one, there are many more details that go into building an incredible website.

What is a CMS?

A content management system like WordPress is a programmed infrastructure that holds texts, images, pages, plugins, menus, accounts, ecommerce systems and much more. A CMS must be customized in order to be aligned with a business’s goods and services.

The benefits of a CMS like WordPress are user-friendliness and flexibility, they lend themselves well to customization.

Web design and development service

At the heart of the whole process is the user’s experience (UX) and making sure the end user can easily navigate and reach each conversion point. Once the basic wireframe is ready, the drafting process continues when texts written by SAPHIRA’s content writers are added. At this point, the wireframe is only half-dressed, and we go to the next stage of design and beautification through colors, fonts and images.

Our clients have strategic control at each stage of the process, approving the content and giving our teams feedback about the look and feel of the website. Each round of feedback is treated with the respect and creativity for which we’re known and incorporated in the next group of changes.

Then it’s time for the big moment, the day the website is launched! Our web design and development teams are often up until 3am and hard at work even over the weekend to make sure every last detail is perfect and ready for the first visitors.

The process of web development is as varied as the colours of the rainbow, there are so many different types of websites and online presences that fall under one mission: to communicate our client’s values and activities in the most engaging and functionally beautiful way possible.

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