Marketing Agency

Needless to say, that video in digital marketing content plays a vital role in the customer’s journey as it influences brand’s positioning, consideration, and making decisions. Video content carries a key message to the audience by engaging it online and pushing it to action.

Who We Are

Saphira is a video production agency  that takes care of companies’ and brands’ images. As video-first thinkers, we believe that brands need to take brave steps to make an impact. Saphira creates engaging, thought-provoking ideas that are instilled in video content. With the help of our video makers, we successfully inspire and motivate the client’s target audience.   Saphira cooperates with organizations, startups, bloggers, companies, and many more. The area of our creativity is not limited; we believe that video content is an extremely powerful tool, with the help of which a brand will be able to voice itself and gain wide recognition.

What We Do

Saphira provides its customers with quality video production services, therefore, capturing the personality, emotion, and core message of the brand and transferring it to the screen. When you visually represent your product, it makes the clients gather around your brand, potential partners to cooperate with you, and get customer retention and loyalty.   We share the key values of video marketing companies and manage every step of our routine: from planning and developing a scenario of the content to shooting footage and spreading it among your target audience.

Our Services

Saphira provides the following services:

  • Video Marketing Strategy


Saphira will help you develop a well-thought-out video marketing strategy to properly transfer your brand’s story and interact with your audience in an engaging way.

  • On-site Video Production


We deliver client’s products through filming product demos, updates, interviews, etc. Our studio has everything needed for creating unique encouraging video content as it has up-to-date professional video production tools and technologies to make quality TV ads, promo videos, and much more. Your desire to create a high-quality video will be fully realized.

  • Video Blogs


Making a video in content marketing will be a perfect option for those who want to deliver a crucial message to the audience. Video blogs are aimed for that: blogs in a more consumable and have a direct video format. We experiment with the length formats to make the audience more interested in the product and turn it into loyal customers. Our blogs are narrated and presented by qualified actors. The blog contains every necessary detail a brand wants to demonstrate. It features image backdrops, branding elements, conversions, and lead generations.

  • Digital Animation and Motion Effects


Saphira will turn your brand’s journey into a picturesque exciting story. Our professionals approach every client individually by designing creative motion graphics and using computer animation. We gather all extraordinary ideas and animate them in 2D and 3D formats.   Interactive presentation will easily explain even the most sophisticated and complex things like technical software, medical topics, etc., and make the audience enjoy the visual content till the last seconds.