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Social media platforms offer a wide range of opportunities to target new customers. Companies can connect with existing loyal fans or promote themselves to new demographics with a few clicks of a button, and studies increasingly show that social media is becoming one of the leading influences in people’s purchasing habits.

The SAPHIRA social media team saves brands time and money with unique solutions and strategies. Whether your concern is generating new posts or reaching more users, we can do it all. Our past work and customer testimonials show that our agency knows how to optimize social media channels to generate leads and drive business forward.

  • Content Creation
  • Analysis & Review of Your Current Social Media Marketing
  • PPC Management
  • Content Calendar Publishing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Newsletters

Our Services

Social Media Strategy

Every business needs a great content marketing strategy to reach the highest number of existing and potential customers, connect with fans and promote their services. Developing a social media strategy is easier said than done, but our experts are here to help with the latest trends, tools, and content ideas.

Social Media Content Creation

Content creation is the basis of every social media strategy. Without content, there is nothing to post, like, share, or analyze — in other words, there is no way for customers to discover and connect with a brand. Generating content for social media can be as simple as posting a quick photo with a catchy caption and as difficult as preparing a unique video or animation and leading a team of SMM experts and influencers.

Social Media Management

SAPHIRA is a full-service social media management agency. We handle everything from creating high-quality content to monitoring social media engagement and assessing the success of our campaigns. Most importantly, we stay on the line with all of our clients at all times, and any wants, needs and adjusstments will be taken into account.

Social Media Advertising

Each social media platform has its advantages and disadvantages, and certain advertising sites and tools might be suitable for one kind of business but not another. The SAPHIRA team takes into account each of our customers’ business niches, budget, goals, and we develop a fully unique plan for advertisement that will undeniably launch our clients towards success.

PPC Management

PPC is a highly effective tool to immediately route traffic towards a website using popular search engines and sites. With the SAPHIRA pay-per-click management services, your brand can place its website at the very top of search engine results for a wide range of searches.


Email marketing is one of the most low-cost but high-reward marketing strategies one can employ. The experienced copywriters at SAPHIRA develop engaging content to be sent out via automated emails. Prospects and existing subscribers alike can stay on top of brand updates and engage with promotions and campaigns, boosting sales and profit for the business.