ICO Marketing Agency

The trend on cryptocurrency is still increasing, which eventually leads to big competition on the market. As many crypto startups are launching every day and failing to get a foothold, it’s important to stick to the right strategy and successfully overcome obstacles on the way. Hence, crypto startups often face difficulties like the constant search for leads and customer retention.   An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a fundraising method that is widely used by crypto startups, companies, and businesses to raise funds for the new projects. The principle of ICO is based on accepting funds in various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH, Ripple, and many others in exchange for the tokens, the company’s own cryptocurrency.

Who We Are

Saphira is a leading marketing services company that provides a full cycle of services. Our expertise in marketing and branding builds an effective brand image and brings impressive results to every client we work with. Due to our professional approach, our customers get the best service to promote their product or startup.   As for our clients, Saphira cooperates with startups, established businesses, agencies, etc. We’re ready to help the client on every stage of their path or provide our guidance on the necessary issues.

What We Do

Saphira’s ICO marketing agency is aimed at developing creative solutions for crypto startups, brands, and companies. Our options are adapted for the long term as we follow the strategy based on studious market research and the knowledge of our experts. Therefore, it helps us promote client’s success and generate more customers for the client.   A long experience of Saphira’s experts in Initial Coin Offering marketing ensures our customers with getting a 100% result. Thus, our team implements all the necessary tools to track leads, manage traffic, increase conversions, etc., to evaluate the final results and apply the right targets.

Our Services

Saphira provides a full package of services for cryptocurrency companies and startups, which are the following:

  • Website Development

Create a modern web platform for your product and make it engaging for your potential customers.

  • Market Research

Conduct regular market research to ensure your ICO’s is listed in the top and best listing websites. Discover the market value and related ratings of your ICO’s.

  • PPC (Pay-per-click)

Protect your brand from competitors aiming to steal traffic and generate leads. We run in-depth reporting, daily Ad management, calculate budget, and much more.

  • Social Media

Interact with your customers via social media platforms like Linkedin, Telegram, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Content Marketing

Keep constant relations with your target audience by presenting unique, engaging content. Make your customers reach you by sharing your PR among the best crypto websites.

  • Video Marketing

Create video channels and spread information about your ICO tokens, which will help the audience be involved in your brand’s values.

  • Email Marketing

Communicate with your customers via quality emails to enhance your conversion and generate more leads.

  • Community Engagement

Participate in forum communities, create discussions and initiate hot topics on well-known online platforms like BitcoinForum, Cryptocurrencytalk, etc.

  • Influencer Marketing

Get a collaboration with crypto influencers to increase brand’s recognition and reputation.

  • Weekly Reporting

Stay on top of every detail about the market situation, ratings, and reports related to your ICO each week and plan strategy beforehand.