Marketing Agency

Who We Are:

Saphira is a marketing agency that specializes in providing quality services for clients all around the world. Our expertise implies offering Facebook Advertising services to ensure your product and brand are shown to your audience. Saphira’s professionals set adverts that help to increase conversions and generate sales considerably.   As an advertising company, we have worked on numerous platforms which gives us a huge advantage in working with Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Wide specialization makes us one of the most professional companies on the market and puts aside competitors as we deliver industry returns on advertisement.

What We Do:

In addition to managing Facebook ad campaigns, Saphira implements various methods of improving the brand’s image and promoting the client’s product. This implies building comprehensive lead and sales funnels that eventually give outstanding results. Therefore, by spending thousands of dollars on Facebook Ad campaigns, we deliver the best results and make our clients satisfied.   Saphira’s goal is to help our clients reach their ideal customers and promote their products efficiently. We were able to investigate all key features of the Facebook Ad platform and apply its highly effective targeting system to identify the target customers the companies strive to get. The brands actively use this advantage in their strategies, so we do everything to increase the sales for their businesses and services.

Our Services:

Saphira provides a full-spectre of Facebook marketing services. They include the following:

  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising Services

Saphira implements fully managed Facebook and Instagram Ad services. Our team of professionals successfully launched hundreds of campaigns in many industries. Hence, with the help of Saphira’s account managers and creative content experts, we regularly deliver the best results for the brands.   We create and maintain robust advertising strategies that demonstrate effective results. Also, we try to stick to the latest trends and examine all the features that appear on Facebook to always keep the client’s business on a higher level compared to competitors. Saphira ensures constant monitoring and optimizing campaigns in order to get the best return on the companies’ ads.

  • Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Ads were originally introduced in 2015, and they have proven to be one of the most effective methods for generating leads. Lead ads are extremely helpful in Facebook campaigns as it allows you to keep the users on the website and, therefore, collect their information concerning their personal data like names, emails, phone numbers, etc.   Moreover, lead generation is a significant advantage for companies and startups because it qualifies leads via custom questions. It will give you more information about your potential customers before you start cooperating with them directly.

  • Remarketing

Remarketing is another excellent service for a successful Facebook Ad agency. Saphira launches remarketing, tracks the activity on your website, and successfully brings more clients to your business.   Remarketing has an impressive impact on a business. The main advantage of remarketing is that it can deliver immediate results through customer’s interaction with your advertisement. The statistics show that the customer who has previously visited your online platform through an ad is 70% more likely to convert and purchase your product.