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Facebook Ad Service

With a global audience of 2.9 billion users, Facebook is too far big to ignore when it comes to advertising and branding. Small-to-medium sized business owners often don’t have the human resources to dedicate to Facebook marketing, but if you’re not using Facebook ads effectively it could mean a serious loss of revenue as customers flock to your competitors.

SAPHIRA Creative Marketing Agency has the solutions, the ideas, the experience, and the hard-working creative team to boost your Facebook earnings a thousandfold. Here are some of the ingenious ways in which SAPHIRA Agency serves its clients.

Facebook Marketing Agency

We have extensive experience as a Facebook ads marketing agency. Our Facebook advertising service includes setting up Facebook ads to reach the widest and most relevant target market. Although Facebook ads are complex to set up and manage, we undertake it for you using our expertise. Our goal is to turn our clients’ campaigns into conversion and branding successes.


Audience targeting, interest targeting, relationship targeting and unique selling points (USPs) are all factored into SAPHIRA’s Facebook ads service. The settings for each campaign are backed by solid research and monitored with care and attention.

What are Facebook Ads Services?

Hiring SAPHIRA Agency is the equivalent of employing a five-member social media team – without the overheads. We handle all the details, including:

  • Writing the advertising content
  • Researching the audience targets
  • Designing striking images
  • Uploading the advertising content to Facebook
  • Arranging the campaign’s settings
  • Monitoring the campaign
  • Analysing the results
  • Reporting on performance and the way forward


SAPHIRA does all the planning and implementation for you!

What are the 4 main types of Facebook ads?

Video advertisement

By far the leading advertisements on Facebook, video ads capture the attention of the user. They are short – 20-30 seconds each – and have a visually-appealing, impactful and memorable aesthetic.

Facebook ad with one image

The one-image ad has one image, text, headline, description text, and a call to action. These ads are effective because they convey one clear message and dynamic call to action. When it comes to brand building and conversion, the one-image Facebook ad is the simplest way to go, but keep in mind that it takes considerable storytelling skills to make these types of campaigns effective.

Slide show Ad

Slideshow ads showcase several different products and tell an engaging visual story about your brand. They work well for introducing team members or showing a product progression from inception to reality. Slide show ads are sophisticated social media presentations that work well to inform your audience about product details or personnel.

Carousel Ads

When done effectively, carousel ads are fascinating as storytelling devices and branding tools. They increase sales but have complicated technical requirements that are best handled by a professional agency with an experienced creative team.

How much does Facebook Ads Management cost?

Facebook ads management costs are surprisingly flexible. Contact us today to find out more about how SAPHIRA Agency can improve your sales and branding with Facebook ads.