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Email Marketing is a strategy employed by companies to send out automated and personalized emails with the goal of connecting with prospective clients and appealing to existing customers. Targeted email marketing campaigns drive business, generate leads and are affordable even for newly-established enterprises.

Building strong customer relations and cultivating brand loyalty starts with clear communication with clients, and email marketing is an essential part of this process. Email Marketing also helps reach new clients, even from specific, niche groups.

  • eCommerce
  • Newsletters
  • Promo Alerts
  • Announcements
  • ESP Migration
  • Email blast services
  • Email list management
  • New campaigns & strategies
  • Analytics & Reviews
  • Professional Templates

Our Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Audit

The SAPHIRA email marketing team start off by reviewing the ambitions your business has for its email marketing, evaluating potential avenues for growth and analyzing past campaigns. We look at performance, engagement numbers, and define any mistakes that need to be corrected. At SAPHIRA, we look at both the content of the emails as well as the technical side of things to see what could be made more efficient and more affordable for the business.

Email Marketing Strategy

The marketing experts at our agency work with each client in-depth, collecting information about the company and its goals and values, in order to ensure that each message will find its way to the recipient and appeal to them. Our team establishes a content plan and makes the perfect schedule that will not overwhelm readers but will still keep your brand on their minds.

Custom Email Marketing Templates

For customers who would like to retain their in-house content writing, but want to elevate their email marketing, we offer a modern, sleek and fully custom email templates. SAPHIRA works with experienced copywriters and talented designers to develop a template that catches the eye and encourages the recipient to read further.

Email Marketing Management

Our clients can also oursource their email marketing completely. SAPHIRA’s clients always have full creative and decision-making control and are provided regular updates. Once we agree on a strategy and a template, our team starts implementing the agreed-upon. We regularly analyze the process and make adjustments if needed to achieve optimal results.

Email Marketing Automation

Many businesses, especially in the eCommerce field, benefit from automated emails and newsletters. This allows the companies to save on manpower while connecting with the customers and delivering the latest news about the products they have shown interest in the past and more. Automated emails are also used to welcome new customers who have just signed up, remind customers who haven’t finished their check-out process to finish their shopping and entice them with new products and deals.

Email Marketing Quality Assurance & Monitoring

We test each of our newsletter designs and email marketing templates via a variety of tools to ensure that there are no margins for error. Throughout the process, we provide regular statistical reports and reviews to our customers. We look at engagement metrics, conversion rates, open rates, and other details to send the most comprehensive overlook of our email marketing services and results.

Start on your email marketing today to connect with new customers, establish connections, and generate leads. Email Marketing is the most affordable way to lead your marketing, generating more bang for your buck. Hire the professional team at SAPHIRA as your email marketing service provider. We are passionate about helping startups and new businesses reach their full potential, and you can be our next partner to reach new heights.