Marketing Agency

What we do

Content Marketing refers to the development of brand content and using a well-planned strategy and tools to market the company. The content includes corporate blogs, social media posts, videos and images, white papers, case studies, guest posts on other sites and much more.

Although big corporations still keep their content marketing in-house, for most startups and SMBs this is a costly option that requires manpower they do not have. SAPHIRA understands this dilemma – as a digital marketing agency, we employ a rockstar team of expert copywriters, SEO specialists, designers, video producers, social media strategists and more to launch your company towards stardom at affordable prices.

Some of out services:

  • Blog Content
  • eBooks
  • White Papers
  • Infographics & Statistics
  • Guest Posts
  • Case Studies
  • Video Production
  • Animation
  • Social Media Posts
  • Email Marketing

Our Services

  • Content Strategy

The SAPHIRA strategy team will study your business and industry and make a thorough plan on how to make your company stand out from the crowd. Our goal is to understand your brand’s goals and values, and make sure the customer understands what exactly makes you unique. We will analyze your business niche, your competitors, your goals and ambitions to determine the perfect strategy.

  • SEO

A big part of our Content Marketing services is the work of our expert SEO specialists. With each customer, they conduct an analysis of both their existing website, content and social media and an analysis of their competitors.
Our consultants evaluate the client’s current website to find errors that could be hindering them from reaching a wider audience. They also deliver a detailed report that instructs on how to update the website to optimize it.
Based on the results of the research, the SAPHIRA team determines what keywords to use in the company’s content, what topics to write on and how to best develop a custom content strategy that will appeal to the target consumer base.

  • Content Creation

As you may have guessed, developing the actual content is an essential stage of content marketing. Based on the strategies built in the earlier steps, we make a schedule of content to be released on each platform that your company will be using – be it a corporate website, social media, email newsletters and more. We make written content, video promotions, animations, images, and much more.
Our project managers then assign a deadline to each task and will promptly update our customers on the completion of each piece of content. All material is proofread and edited before being sent out, and our clients get a final say in all decisions.

  • Content Monitoring

We don’t just leave our clients on their own after delivering the content material. Our strategy team and SEO experts will regularly check if the content strategy for your brand is hitting its goals. We make continued adjustments throughout the process, and we are willing to listen to all of our clients’ needs to deliver a fully unique solution for them.

  • Content Promotion

Boosting brand awareness for smaller brands and startups is an important advantage. We use advertisements, PPC strategies, arrange guest posts and collaborations to make sure that your brand and product reach the most number of people out there. Our expert PPC consultants know how to tailor paid ad campaigns to your specific business goals. Our team creates ads for paid search campaigns, display ads, paid social media promotions and more. We also work with influencers and promotional websites.

  • Reporting & Client Meetings

Our Project Managers will be on the line with you at all times to discuss new developments, answer questions, and provide detailed analysis and statistics on how the Content Marketing for your brand is going.

Hire a Content Marketing Agency you can trust to develop a well-researched strategy that delivers real results. SAPHIRA believes that each case is unique, and we build each strategy and create each content to be the driving force for our clients’ success. Increase your brand awareness, generate leads, and promote your business with the help of the experts.