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While marketing agencies focus only on increasing sales, branding marketing also help improve user experience for a brand’s target audience. It is their goal to establish a narrative around a company and set up effective communications and messaging to relay its values and history. As the markets become oversaturated and competition steadily increases, successful brand marketing remains the main distinguishing factor that sets great businesses apart from the rest. Outsourcing your branding needs will help your company gain valuable insights from subject matter experts, learn about the newest trends and developments in marketing to stay ahead of the competition, and save time and money. Advantages of great business branding services:

  • Define a target customer base: focus on a niche group that will be most interested in your services and stay loyal to your products
  • Define the uniqueness of your brand: set yourself apart by communicating your competitive advantages to customers
  • Make yourself relatable and appealing establish a human connection and appeal to your audience’s values to improve engagement and customer loyalty
  • Better communication with users communicate the unique advantages of your brand through effective messaging
  • Set up your online presence reach more of your customer base and establish valuable connections through a strong digital presence
  • Improve SEO make your newly-improved and engaging content easy to find for customers and business partners

Our Services

Creating a Brand Strategy

Any successful project starts with a plan. Our consultants hold a meeting with the client where each of their wants and needs are discussed. We define the brand’s values, goals, competitors and target demographic, and our branding experts often have valuable insights to share.

Discovering a Brand’s Strengths & Weaknesses

After the initial meeting, we proceed with a detailed study of the client, from their social media and corporate website to past advertising campaigns, brand awareness and overall reputation. The goal is to find all areas in need of improvement.

Researching the Competition

A strategy expert studies the competitors in the clients’ niche and compares the branding and marketing strategies employed by the various businesses.

Researching the Target Audience

Every successful brand has a unique connection with their customers. We study your consumer base and note their values and expectations to determine how you can best stand out and succeed.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning is how a business differentiates itself from its competitors in customers’ minds. Studying brand positioning is a vital step to attract new customers and win over their loyalty.

Visual Strategy

Consistency in visual identity is key to brand retention. We will develop a brand style guide that will document and ensure a coherent use of your brand’s visual assets.

Communication Strategy

It’s important to send a consistent message across all your platforms, from advertising campaigns to customer service. Our specialists come up with unique taglines and stylistic strategies to make your brand’s message effective and memorable.

Establishing a
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The future success of your business can be shaped at SAPHIRA. We are a full-service branding agency that employs a team of experienced business strategists, branding and marketing experts, an in-house team of designers, videographers, content creators and more. Give your business the digital branding it needs to succeed. Contact us for a free consultation below.