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When Ideas Take Shape

Producing the representation of a brand’s image is a sophisticated and indispensable practice for your target audience to spot you! The art of presenting a brand takes deep marketing prowess and a professional approach, requiring marketers to apply their top skills and mastery to the process. Right now, we’d like to introduce you to the types of visual representation of a brand, revealing some top-secret facts about the significance of professional production for your business.

Video Production: Video as the Best Tool for Communicating a Message to the Reader

Video production is by far the most popular and all-encompassing means of introducing the intended audience to the information targeted at them. As has been repeatedly proven, people are more likely to perceive visual content and, if the content is provided in motion and accompanied by according sound, the effect produced on the recipient is even more intense! This is what makes video production services so popular.

That being said, let’s lay down the main benefits video production can give your brand.

As was stressed earlier, when it comes to producing a message or idea, videos are far more likely to stir the recipient than any other type of media. Needless to say, videos capture the attention of viewers with ease, making them stay glued to the screen for long as well as receive the intended message more seamlessly.

When watching a video, viewers retain 95% of the message sent while capturing only 10% of the content when reading. The combination of visuals and sound that videos have allows it to keep viewers glued to the screen.

According to statistics, about 72% of potential buyers are more likely to watch a video than use any other media. It’s also been observed that the purchase intent has increased by 72% and, as for brand association, it has jumped 139% thanks to video production.


Photography is an important part of the general production process that helps promote the brand and enhance its value and image in the eyes of customers. Integrating photography in the production process is a smart decision that should be wisely - yes, the practice may seem easy and but, in reality, is a cumbersome and demanding set of steps and techniques that will, on the one hand, position your brand in the favorable light, but on the other hand, take up much time and resources from your team.

In this regard, for photography to convey the message to the intended audience, you need to know exactly what you target the photographs at as well as develop a consistent, accurate strategy that would underlie your marketing campaign.

Now, we’d like you to discover what severe problems you can face when you don’t apply for professional help marketing agencies provide.

When your finances don’t meet your expectations

First of all, to tend to your photography strategy, you need to know your budget. However, many businesses fail to study their budget and then manage it properly. At Saphira, we scrutinize your financial opportunities with utmost accuracy and professionalism, opting for the photography solutions that fit your budget. We will let you know the worth of your brand as well as decide on your future expenditures on photography.

You don’t possess enough knowledge

Even if you are an experienced business owner, you may still lack information about certain processes you need to fulfill. This, as a result, may severely affect the quality of your production process. That being said, you do need to apply to the agency, where you’ll be assisted by a knowledgeable and competent team of professionals who will assist you, applying their prowess and skill.

Using stock images

Plagiarism is a common and debilitating problem in the digital marketing world. Marketers use a plethora of different ways for facilitating their work and one of the most popular of them is plagiarising someone else’s content. Yes, using stock pictures from the search engine is a type of plagiarising, as well. And this is a very wrong option to stick to when promoting your brand!

Yes, it’s challenging for your team to generate pictures for your marketing campaigns all the time. But here comes a great solution: applying for help to a professional marketing agency will help you save your time and receive quality pictures in the end!

3D Motion

Design is a highly important element of the competitive production of any brand. Our animation team will provide you with the ultimate services for your product or service to be presented in a modern and noteworthy way. Our specialists will handle all design work for you, discussing every production stage and step with you. Saphira 3D motion team meets any whim of its clients, working based on the strict standards of the modern motion practices.