From your immediate vicinity to a global audience, we help brands reach their audiences wherever they are.





Media buying is much more than a quick call or email to the network, station or publisher. It requires deep knowledge and research to discover which format is most suitable for your needs to deliver optimum results.



The purpose of media planning is to connect the audience with the message. We analyze your target audience and select the most efficient and profitable channels and formats to reach them. We also monitor performance allowing us to respond quickly to viewing and listening figures and optimize placement or timing for improved results.



Often overlooked in the internet age, TV and radio are still effective ways to disseminate information because they can reach the audience where the internet signal ends. We use the highest rating channels that broadcast to your target demographic, purchase airtime and launch your campaign.



Advertising offers the ability to reach anyone, anywhere, anytime. Driving to the airport or walking around the supermarket, advertising surrounds us but isn't always reaching its intended audience. We choose the optimum location and format for your needs, from buses to billboards, guerilla advertising to digital screens.



News outlets, blogs and magazines, free or subscription-based, online or offline; we can manage everything for you. From press releases to product placement and paid-for ads, we ensure your brand is represented in the choice publications of your target audience.

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Get to Know Why Media Buying Is Important

Having a billion ideas is not going to make them worth billions. Most often, quality is not about quantity.

We’d like to introduce you to the ultimate, professional definition of the phenomenon of media buying as well as let you familiarize yourself with its key principles.

Media buying is the strategic purchasing of ad space with the subsequent posting of advertisements. Media buying is a paid media category that lies in the obtaining of time and space for displaying the brand's ads. In media buying, the goal is to track down the right place, space, time, and context for providing relevant ads to the potential buyers and making conversion rates grow. The process is aimed at purchasing ad space at the optimal time and for the least amount of money. Media buying is the practice necessary for building a successful marketing campaign as well as driving favorable marketing ROI, which makes it one of the most significant processes in the modern commercial environment.

Media Planning as Integral Part of Media Buying

Media planning is an important process underlying media buying and being its backbone. This process is about sourcing and selecting optimal media platforms for a brand. Media planners aim to track the optional and most suitable channels for advertising the product or service. Media planning agents determine what media are best to choose to meet the needs of the target audience. They also create an extensive media plan they rely on all throughout their marketing campaigns.

The questions media planners deal with and subsequently answer is the following:

  • How many people can be reached by the brand with the help of the media chosen?
  • Where should the ads be posted?
  • How frequently is it important to post ads?
  • How much should be spent on the ad campaign for each medium selected?

It’s puzzling for companies to select the right media type of advertising. Media such as television and newspapers are not always affordable to a small-scale company. Magazines, in turn, don’t cover a large territory and are thus not cost-efficient for small businesses. That being said, it’s not always effective to utilize magazines and television for your brand promotion.

As a strategic part of media buying, media planning is largely focused on analyzing the target audience and then deciding on the according media that fits that target audience. With the help of media campaigns, it’s possible to monitor the performance of the advertising, which, in turn, enables marketers to have proper assessment of the marketing campaign, thus being able to work on its improvement. Media planning helps brands develop an accurate, profound strategy for running a marketing campaign: with a careful, step-by-step plan, you are more likely to succeed.

The Main Benefits of Media Buying
A relationship to last!

Successful media planning and buying are not confined to money-making - marketers involved in the media buying process can build strong relationships with the owners of the media, which can then bring beneficial results to business owners. Lasting relationships with media owners help marketing teams increase conversions and reach impressive ROI. Moreover, having a favorable relationship with a media owner means cutting your expenditures, as well - the reputability of your brand will largely impact the marketing campaign you conduct.

Getting a profitable deal

As a rule, media buyers have an extensive network of sustainable relationships that can be leveraged for maximizing the value of the investment into the media campaign. An expert media planner is competent in conducting a negotiation according to the commonly accepted industry standards like an average price for lead or how many financial resources the exposure of a brand can entail. Media buyers are also able to increase the number of benefits of the agreement.

Expert media buyers can negotiate prices to increase the reach or the frequency, often getting the value provided to the media channels they have experience working with earlier.

Getting good slots

For media buyers, it’s easy to find out what media channels you should invest your money in. They are always up to date with the trends connected with their respective industries and can thus impact their marketing campaigns.

Making use of useful practices

Competent media buyers are aware of the strategies they need to stick to for reaching big conversions. They have experience partnering with numerous publishers and media channels, which allows them to possess the knowledge of effective and trending practices to employ when working on a media buying campaign. The other importance of their ultimate features of trying to get in touch with and get to the point of how to try their first implements. Now, be sure to understand how this works.